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Engineered & Automated Process Control Solutions from Valvetech Ltd

Valvetech Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of exceptional products like diaphragm valves, actuation valves, flow meters and more.

Our products and components have been designed to enhance and extend the life expectancy of machinery and equipment that makes use of valve engineering and process control systems.

We provide a noteworthy service after experiencing over 30 years of service to all industries requiring a distinguished service from the valve and valve automation sector.

We observe only the best support service that you would expect from a company with our lengthy experience. Supplying our customers with the most comprehensible service, expertise, and flexible application solutions to envy your competitors - this is what we aim to achieve with each and every one of our clients.

From diaphragm valves and flow meters, to actuation valves and positioners, we are in the best position to deliver our promise to our customers - a huge selection of products and accessories to meet the demands of the most ambitious client and to deliver promptly.

Diaphram Valves

Assured research and development through use of compact actuators for substantial benefits to our clients

We know that our clients need the perfect solution for valves and that's why we ensure we are fully stocked with a full list of accessories in as many sizes as possible, for use in as many customer applications as necessary.

Whilst we realise the majority of our customers are based in the commercial and industrial sectors, it is equally as important for us to offer process control to anyone with a system that requires flow control. So we will answer enquiries and assist with one-off requests - if we can't help right away we can work with you and source available solutions.

  • Actuated valves
  • Diaphragm valves
  • Solenoid valves
  • Flow meters
  • Seat valves

We are able to offer cost effective solutions using high spec products. Our team are proficient in all things relating to process control.

Over the years our team have accomplished a superior working relationship that ensures they are on hand to offer superb knowledge of valve processes and know how to give you the best service possible.

Actuation Valves

Product development, research and an accomplished & attentive team

We are a responsible company who offers powerful solutions and a catalogue to impress. Accessories available include all designs and sizes required for use with flow meters, with a selection of actuated valves, diaphragm valves and many components that are ready for a same day despatch. The partial catalogue can be viewed online, though we invite you to call us with orders or enquiries.

We are expert enough to answer queries relating to future projects and we always offer a large variety of products. We continuously develop and add to our stock list as well as consistently reviewing stock. This ensures we have the best stock list, and high spec and standard products - servicing as much of the market as we possibly can, with the best choices available.

Our fully knowledgeable service is one that provides solutions for your business processes. We realise how important it is to be one of the leaders of the industry. We are perfectly situated to meet client expectations with powerful products, components and accessories that have been selected simply because of their unprecedented quality and ability to offer solutions for the job for which they were designed.


Fluid based flow control systems - offering valve engineering and control to suit your application

We don't restrict the products that we stock because we have the storage, the facilities and the space to keep most of our accessories and valve solutions right here in Cambridgeshire. We can produce products to meet specific instructions, where required, using modular construction systems that have been creatively designed to meet today's demanding technological needs.

Equally, we don't limit the distance we will go to deliver our customers with our commitment and service. We realise you want quick solutions and the very best range of items to choose from.

Our team work hard to bring branded, bespoke and standard products that have been tested and proven safe and effective for use in a variety of applications. We realise safety is at the forefront of business, and can offer safety options covering nearly each and every application that your valve needs.

We make it as easy as possible to order products from us and catalogues and literature can be requested by contacting us by phone or email.


An extensive list of products, innovative equipment production and a committed team

We will post our literature to you the same day it is requested, because we want you to be happy that we can achieve a fast service with every enquiry we receive.

Data sheets and technical information can be emailed, so that you can promptly decide that the product or products are the best suited to your application - we want you to know that the components to your valves and flow meters matches the equipments' exacting needs.

Whether you need aseptic, plastic or metal diaphragm valves or limit switches for flow meters we can help. We'll take your order directly, over the phone, no matter how large or small and will quote prompt delivery times.

It's vital that any company operating valves and flow meters is aware that pressure systems need to be well maintained. By prolonging the life and opting for quality equipment with well designed accessories, you can keep the work place safe and extend the length of time it will operate.

The Valvetech team will assist with solutions for pressure, flow and control of fluid, air and gas where necessary so that we can be assured we are supplying the best item for the job.

No matter which industry you are involved in, if you are already using automated process control we can provide you with engineered products like diaphragm valves, flow meters, or actuation valves to meet the high demands of your equipment. We'll construct only the best equipment to suit your needs and will help draw up plans to ensure accurate flow rates.

Valve Accessories

Keeping your business moving and enhancing productivity - call the Valvetech team today for exacting and accurate valve solutions