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In Case Solutions

In Case Solutions, manufacturers of custom cases in Hertfordshire including aluminium tool cases, bespoke cases and flight cases

In Case Solutions are your 'one stop' custom case manufacturers and suppliers in Hertfordshire and North London

An example of our custom built flight cases

As a leading manufacturer of custom cases of all kinds we are able to offer a huge variety of different case designs and styles for virtually every application.

Our four key staff members have a combined experience in this industry of nearly 130 years and as you would expect, we have a vast working knowledge of the manufacturing process and techniques. No hard sell here, just knowledge and experience you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

There are a number of reasons why you may need a bespoke case; from effective packaging solutions through to practical presentation ideas. We offer a broad range of cases from the standard carry cases with inserts through to high quality presentation cases for product promotions and marketing purposes. Whatever your requirements for a custom case we possess the skills, knowledge and creativity to develop the perfect product.

From the smallest hand-held instrument case to the largest full flight case we are able to offer a tailor made solution that will do exactly the job you need it to do.

Durable materials to make the exterior withstand frequent use and a case interior that protects the contents

Using only the best durable materials like aluminium, polyester, HPL, polypropylene, ABS and high performance resin, our custom made cases are built to withstand even the most frequent users lifestyle.

Custom Made Aluminium Cases

Custom Cases Hertfordshire

Made to your specification our custom made Aluminium Framed Cases are strong, hardwearing, stylish and very practical. Three styles are available to suit every possible application.

AceCases are lightweight and very durable produced using hollow section polypropylene panels and anodised aluminium extrusions. The more traditional Custom Transit Cases and Full Flight Cases offer a wide choice of options allowing you to specify exactly what you require, both in design and functionality.

Custom Made Flight Cases

Interiors can be custom made to suit your specific use with foam, dividers, block and die cut foam sections, etc.

Bring your equipment or items to us (or send them in) and we will advise on suitable case solutions that are relevant and help you solve your transit or product presentation problems.

We also offer a range of three standard size ABS tool cases, normally available from stock - please call or check out our special offers pages

ABS Tool Cases

Flight Cases

Three designs of standard tool case are available - from lightweight to Heavy Duty our popular tool-cases are designed with the Service and Installation engineer in mind.

Giving a wide variety of choice our standard range of tool-cases are the most durable and hardwearing on the market and are normally in stock. If you don't see what you want and need a tool-case designed to your specific requirements please contact us to discuss the design: the minimum order quantity may be less than you think.

ABSTool Cases

By visiting us in-house, where we custom make all of our cases, we can take your ideas and listen to your needs to design and create the case of your choice.

Cases - General

We don't only produce sturdy heavy duty aluminium cases and tool cases, we are also able to supply standard briefcases and bespoke stitched bags as well as tailor made instrument cases for hand held devices, tablet computers and smaller mobile equipment of all kinds.

Our Wide Range of Products

  • ABS cases - a range of over 60 sizes and styles are available (minimum order qty. just 25 off) Our ABS cases have been designed to last and over the years we have developed thousands of custom cases for clients throughout the UK and beyond. We use leading design software and the latest techniques to ensure specific client requirements are addressed through the manufacture of precise and high quality products. Whether you require a bulk order or just a few we can accommodate any requirement for any business.
  • Polypropylene cases - a choice of over 20 standard sizes and many colour options. As experts in the custom case industry, we have been designing and manufacturing bespoke propylene cases for a number of years. Our cases include document boxes, perfect for securely storing business promotional materials, box files for the safe storage of corporate papers, ring binders and more.
  • High Performance cases - available in 10 sizes currently and additional models will be available soon.
  • PolyCases - may be made to virtually any size or shape with a minimum order quantity of just 25 cases. We can provide an array of custom made poly cases which are durable, long lasting and splash proof. They are a great alternative to cardboard boxes and perfect for archival purposes and storage of documents or equipment. Our standard poly cases begin their lfie as a flat sheet of HDPE which is then scored and creased so we can shape them into the desired box or case shape. You can also select the option of adding handles, straps or lids. Some of the cases can also be lined with foam to protect the items inside or wheels can be added to larger cases to facilitate mobility.
  • AluLite - lightweight standard aluminium cases available from stock. The AluLite case is a compact and extremely practical briefcase solution which is ideal for papers or a laptop upto 17 inches. The case has an aluminium frame and is non-mitred for additional strength. In the lid it includes a functional section to organise stationery, business cards and more and it has in built security in the form of a combination lock to keep its contents secure while on the move.
  • AceCases - are a lightweight solution manufactured to your exact requirements - tell us what you want (min. order qty. just 5 off). ). If the weight of your case is a problem the AceCase is an excellent solution. It is designed to be lightweight yet offering the strength and durability of a heavier case.
  • Custom Transit Cases - are a more traditional medium duty aluminium framed case made to order to your size & design (min. order qty. just 5 off). ) If you are shipping goods you need to ensure that they are secure. With our custom transit cases, they can be customised and constructed to any dimension that you require. The materials used for these cases is usually Stucco aluminium along with birch ply or hollow box section propylene. The cases are perfect for transporting papers or other goods for work purposes and they have a toggle lock and hinge fitting along with wheel and handle systems to make moving the case much easier.
  • Full Flight Cases - are the most heavy duty, often on wheels, for packing & shipping your equipment securely to go anywhere. (min. order qty. just 5 off). Flight cases have a number of different uses; from the straightforward protection of documents through to the effective storage and transportation of equipment. The flight cases that we provide are strong and built to withstand heavy wear and tear. They are manufactured from the best quality materials so that the items stored within the case are transported in one piece. In addition, our team have the expertise and skills to create a whole range of bespoke flight cases which meet quite specific specifications. Perhaps you need your cases to be lightweight yet very strong, we use our innovative suite of design tools to select the right materials and manufacturing processes to create the perfect case.
  • Stitched padded bags - manufactured to order - any size or shape (within reason!) printed or plain, these lightweight bags will give excellent protection for when you are transporting your samples or equipment. Minimum order quantity of 50 applies. The ultimate goal of our stitched, custom made padded bags is to transport your items with the right level of protection while ensuring that they are extremely easy to move. They are available in either padded or non-padded forms and they are designed to be lightweight, cost effective and strong. In addition a propylene sheet can be added to the bag to prevent it from bending.
  • Instrument cases - can again be made pretty much any shape or size with screen covers, access points with covers, shoulder straps or lanyards, belt clips, neoprene screen covers, vents, etc. etc. Minimum order quantity of 50 applies. Our small instrument cases have been designed to fit neatly around any portable device. They are available in either leather or PVC and can be provided with neoprene screen covers, access points with a zip or studded cover along with belt clips or shoulder straps as necessary. Any case design can be developed to suit your specific requirements. We can tailor make each case for your instrument providing effective protection and can incorporate openings to effectively connect wires and controls. The cases can also include document pockets, grips and covers or flaps. In addition the cases can be embossed with logos or product identification information which reflect your brand. Some of the instrument cases we provide include those for mobile phones, laptops, tablets or PDAs to name a few.
  • Tool cases - are available in three designs from stock or we can manufacture specials to your requirements (MOQ may apply). We supply a whole range of practical tool cases for professionals in the construction industry to safely and securely store drills, screwdrivers, pliers and a whole range of other kit required in the industry. The cases are strong and built with high quality materials which can withstand the rigours of being used in the building sector.
  • SOCO Cases - designed for Scene of Crime Officers to carry the 'tools of the trade' with a self-cut foam base for the user to customise to exactly how they want it. The kit contained within a scene of crime case is important and we provide a whole range of designs to store paperwork, tools, brushes and more neatly in the case for convenience and practicality. The case is constructed from aluminium with reinforced steel corners to protect the items inside. Combination locks add extra security.
  • Medical Cases - give visiting domiciliary nurses and Doctors a useful interior to help organise all the items that need to be carried on a day-to-day basis. . Medical cases are ideal for use by GPs or community based nurses. With foam inserts they can be customised as required to store specific pieces of equipment and medication. The AluLite Call Out Case has a paperwork and folio organiser in the lid and a divider and toolboard panel foam insert for the base.

We are also able to offer specialist services like trade moulding and foam fabrication for inside our cases to create exactly the design you require.

Our product range is extensive and we offer one of the most comprehensive selections of custom cases.

Vacuum Formed ABS Cases

Our Vacuum formed ABS bespoke case range is based upon a selection of standard sizes but depths can be varied according to customers requirements.

Available in Black, HiGloss and matt silver as well as Carbon Fibre print material, these aluminium framed cases offer great strength with the lightest of weight.

Vacuum Formed ABS Cases

In Case Solutions Cases - strong, durable hardwearing for a lifetime of wear

Our cases are designed to give many years of service: if you are buying purely on price, we may not be the company for you.

High Performance Resin Cases

Highest quality is our main concern and we have previously discontinued product lines when we are unhappy with the quality.

We are often asked to supply new foam interiors for our old cases, where products or equipment have become obsolete or have been upgraded. The cases carry on for many years with updated inserts being installed again and again as product ranges change & new items need to be shown to clients.

Custom Made Flight Cases

Most of our cases and bags can be personalised with print or embossed with company logos, tag lines or even operating instructions, subject to useable artwork being supplied.

There are many different grades of foam that may be die cut, routed or fabricated to house and present items professionally & securely. CNC cut high density, closed cell foams are used for heavy items or when moisture may be a problem. Open cell medium density foams may be die cut and layered to make the perfect presentation.

Custom built flight cases

Let us know what job you want to do and we can make recommendations and produce a quotation giving all details of the job.

Cases that we design for you and built to your specification are built to protect the proposed contents whilst in transit. Any user wishing to protect items like musical equipment, tools and paperwork.

The cases that we provide can be customised to suit or we can create a completely bespoke case to suit any requirement. We can also devise suitable case interiors to store stationery, paperwork or tools depending on your specific business needs. Inserts can also be manufactured from a whole range of different foam grades to suit the required design.

Please contact us in Hertfordshire, London, UK, for further information and to speak to a friendly adviser with technical knowledge and experience.

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