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Clinical Waste Tags, Tamper Evident Labels & Container Security Seals from JW Products Ltd

Since our launch in 2000, JW Products has built a strong reputation in our industry for providing quality products including clinical waste tags and tamper evident labels. As a family run business we believe that security matters and we have been helping businesses across a wide range of sectors secure and monitor their cargo and luggage, ensuring that it gets from A to B securely and safely.

We use our years of specialist knowledge to offer customers one of the most extensive ranges of security seals and products including security pouches, bags, tapes, labels and seals. We respond to customer's feedback and we are always working on our stock list to bring our customers the latest in innovative products. As well as providing security seals and locks we also offer a custom printing service where you can have your unique company branding or logos printed on the security seal.

About JW Products

Tamper evident labels in action on a luggage case

JW Products are leading suppliers of security tamper proof products including clinical waste tags, tamper evident labels, container security seals and more.

We are also distributors of the range of C-TPAT / ISO 17712 tamper evident security seals, storage container seals and bags, printed labels and cable seals.

Pull Tight Seals

Pull tight clinical waste tags on a clinical waste box

Pull tight clinical waste tags are extremely versatile, and are suitable for a whole range of applications. JW Products are suppliers of an extensive range of pull tight tamper evident seals which are available in a large variety of lengths which widens their suitability to most applications. Some of the designs we offer have a tear-off option which allows the seal to be removed by hand eliminating the need for any cutting tools.

The Pull tight seals that we offer are available as single piece mouldings, which achieve a good level of security. Alternativly we can incorporate locking jaws which give you a higher level of security.

A number of the pull tight seals that we offer come with smooth tails which makes them more user-friendly, especially in situations where you are applying a large numbers of seals.

Other seals come with a large tag which allows them to accept more information such as larger labels with bar codes, logo's, serial numbers etc. Whatever the application we at JW Products are sure that we will have a suitable seal.

Vehicle Seals

Vehicle Seals

The primary application for Ring Seals is securing vehicle doors for transit but they are also applicable for other sealing applications. Our extensive range includes two Metal Strip Seals and two plastic Ring Seals. The ideal use for Ring Seals is on HGV doors, Bulk food and liquid tankers, Petroleum tankers and shipping containers.

Luggage Seals

Keeping your luggage secure while on the move is important. JW Products are suppliers of high quality security seals providing a one piece, plastic solution which requires no application or tools to remove. The seals are an essential piece of kit for anyone who travels; holidaymakers, businesspeople or those embarking on a worldwide adventure.

These seals are great and present a practical alternative to locks which may be removed by airport security during baggage inspections after check-in. What's more, each of the seals that you can buy has a unique number which offers additional security and you will be notified instantly if your bag has been opened.

Cargo/Equipment Security Devices

Using the latest technology, JW Products stock and supply the GPS detector which can be fixed to any container, box or carton which requires shipping. Secured with a magnetic plate or screwed into place it enables the seamless tracking of goods during transit to ensure that they reach their destination safely and securely. They also have an anti-removal sensor, triggering an alert if the sensor is removed and the device can be managed on a mobile phone or desktop computer. Never lose your equipment or cargo again with this innovative GPS tracker.

Clinical Waste Bag Ties

Clinical waste bag tags

The safe disposal of clinical waste is absolutely vital in order to protect members of the public and healthcare employees. Every year there is many employees who are injured or suffer infections caused by contact with different types of clinical waste. In many cases, this contact could have been prevented if effective procedures were operated and monitored by Health Service Managers to separate clinical waste from other materials.

JWP Clinical waste ties allows clinical waste bags to be individually identified and the location of their source to be recorded providing complete traceability back to the Hospital and Ward.

Barrier Seals

JW Products stock a whole range of cable seals including Alulock, Fastgrip High Security Bolt Seals, the Neptune Seal, Universal 'Locktainer' and the Forkseal to ensure that the contents of a box or suitcase are effectively secured. The cable tie is constructed from extremely strong metal; a steel cable and rust proof aluminium ensure that it remains strong and resists rust. Our cable seals can also be supplied with a laser marking if you are using them for corporate purposes. Easily identify your cargo with your cable seal embossed with name and/or logo. All of our seals comply with both UK and US customs and border protection requirements.

The Fastgrip Cable Seal has an extra strength steel gripping mechanism constructed from quality stainless steel wire. It also has an advanced plastic body which can be effectively bar-coded to ensure easy identification and they are available in a wide range of wire sizes from the thinnest, 1mm through to 5mm. Ideal for the security conscious as they provide a tamper proof seal to secure and strengthen cargo.

Unolock2 and Unolock3 bolt seals form an extremely secure barrier seal and they counteract any tampering and they can withstand environmental attack.

Neptune ISO Approved Bolt Seals have been designed using innovative techniques. It can also include laser printed sequential numbering on the body and shaft of the bolt.

The Universal Locktainer is a unique design to cargo security with all markings to identify the contents contained within the seal body. The security seal has been designed by leading industry professionals with expertise in the industry and the product has an effective steel locking mechanism. Practical, durable and extremely reliable security seal which is accepted by Customs in the UK and US.

Our Forkseal has been specially designed to be secured to container doors and they can only be removed by cutting the fork bar. Security numbers can be added and the seal pin and barrel are made from Carbonitrated material making them impossible to cut through.

The final lock in our Barrier Seals section is the Navalock which is an innovative, high security lock and anti-theft system for container or truck doors. The lock has a breaking load of over 5 tonnes and it has been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping Classification Society.

Reusable Security Devices

Reusable security seals


Secureseal is a reusable, long life mechanical indicative vehicle seal which allows random number generation for the cargo doors of goods vehicles.


One of our newest products, The E-Lock is an electronic device which has been created for industrial and logistics use. The main function of the E-Lock is to monitor the access of the storing facility or the opening of the delivery vehicle to which the E-Lock is used upon.


Spylock is the latest generation of reusable electronic seal. It is ultra compact and miniature in size which makes it suitable for bags and suitcases or any other situation where detailed monitoring is required.

Tote Storage Boxes

Tote storage containers


Tote Boxes or "Attached Lid Containers" offer flexible and ideal solution for transporting and storing your products. All of the following products give the user identification and tracking via RFID systems or Tote identification via bar code.


Arrowlock Seals are specifically designed for attached lid containers or Tote Boxes and are used to secure the lids.

Speciality Seals

JW Products are leading providers of specialty seals for a whole range of products. One of our popular products is the pallet seal which is suitable for standard pallets where you can add serial numbering and tamper protection for any pallet products that you need to send.

Heavy Duty Manhole and Drain Covers are another of our products suitable for use with drain, manhole or inspection covers. These heavy duty seals can withstand environmental changes, wear and tear and is flexible enough to be used on any unstable or uneven surface.

Add extra security to your padlock with our innovative padlock seal. With a polyethylene body and galvanised steel hasp, it is available in a range of colours which are UV resistant. The seals can be printed with your unique branding so they are easily identifiable and they are available with a write-on pad on one or both sides of the seal.

The Spring-Lok seal is expertly designed for ease of use to enhance security and can be removed easily and quickly. These seals are popular for airline carts, ATM cassettes, security cabinets, luggage and travel items and utility meters.

Clicklock seals have two sets of locking arrows and they can withstand extremes in temperature from -20 degrees centigrade up to 90 degrees. Often used in the telecoms and utility industries to cover electric meters securely and safely.

Meter seals are a practical solution and they are environmentally safe, preventing any tampering. They are weather resistant and are built to last.

The SET hanger seal is perfect for those in retail as it reduces the likelihood of garments creasing or becoming damaged during transit. It can also effectively hold lightweight items on their hanger while they are being transported from one location to another.

More Products

Examples of tamper evident labels

If your business is the Secure Transportation of Goods by Sea, Land or Air and Tamper Evident Seals are required then JW Products are sure to have the definitive solution that you need to for all of your Security Seal requirements. Ranging from the simplest of Nylon Bag Ties to the highest specification Cargo Seals here at JW Products we have the products and the expertise you need.

Our comprehensive and extensive range of Barrier Security Seals and Tamper Evident Seals are used throughout the world by the leading freight, cargo and shipping organisations. All of our Tamper Evident Seal products are accepted by UK, EU, US and Taiwan Customs. Our Locktainer Bolt Seals are the only High Security Seals accepted by the Channel Tunnel for transit.