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ECL Plastics Collection Boxes & Charity Collection Buckets - Maximising Fund Raising Potential

Charity Collection Boxes

Fund raising for charity is our speciality. You need to get 'punch' for your 'pound' and it's important to have the right tools in order to collect lawfully. We have years of experience and have worked relentlessly to build up one of the biggest collections of charity fund raising and promotional products.

Based in Manchester, we are ideally placed to serve the whole of the UK. With manageable and fast delivery timescales on offer, our fantastic team will help design the ideal products, labels and clothing to help raise the profile of your cause.


Using collection buckets, promotional counter boxes and charity collection boxes can help identify the charity and stand out so that you have a greater chance of raising an optimum amount of cash to donate.

With charity events coming in all shapes and sizes, we supply one of the largest ranges of promotional collection products to delight. We know it is vital for most charity businesses to continually raise cash, it's the only way the business will maintain its ability to keep it going.


Whether you need collection boxes, product labels, money boxes, promotional gifts and more we can cater for one off orders and can cope with heavy demands and very large orders.

Charity Collection Boxes

Raising Cash and Raising Your Profile

There are lots of very novel ideas to raise funds for charity. It's also a great way to raise your company profile. If you are a business wishing to raise money for a specific charity, or are leading a charity yourself, there are many ways to capture the attention of people.

Get them to donate by using interesting methods, brightly coloured clothing and boldly designed boxes and buckets. Not forgetting labels and logo's so that your business and / or charity is easily identified.

Raising the whole profile of the cause means that you are more likely to succeed. Coming up with fundraising ideas isn't easy, but it's always a good idea to research previously successful ideas and use them as a base. By tweaking an idea, you're not being over ambitious and are more likely to succeed with your fund raising.

Collection Boxes

And we can help you do all of this. Any fund raising event needs clear points in order to collect the maximum amount possible. Even some of the high profile international charities make use of basic collection boxes and buckets.

By taking a look at those charities, such as Comic Relief or Children in Need and researching how they take part in, and arrange, events is something that we recommend even if your charity just starting up you can find some wonderful ideas already being used by large charities.

Charity Collection Buckets for Use at Retail Collection Points, Reception Areas and Fund Raising Events

  • Bingo Nights
  • Business Exhibitions
  • Dog Shows
  • Go Karting
  • Music Concerts
  • Office Fund Raising
  • Online Auctions
  • Sports Events
  • Street Collections
  • Village Fete's
  • Wine Tasting
Collection Boxes

The list of fund raising ideas is endless and if you don't want to organise your own large event, we have worked with lots of causes who have simply contacted events organisers and got themselves involved in other celebrations, such as town festivals or sports venue open days. This is particularly good for smaller charities or businesses that do not yet have the experience or people to arrange a large event themselves.

Whatever product you think you need - charity collection boxes, collection buckets, promotional labels and other items, our expert team are ready to take your call. We invite you to visit our showroom if you are in the local area, however can organise your order very effectively through telephone and email communication.

We will always show you proofs where required, this helps to eliminate any communication issues and ensure we supply your product with accurate detailing.

ECL Plastics (Collection Boxes) Ltd aim to offer the best service, quality collection boxes and other devices, and information and advice on how to maximise the potential of your cause.

By using the advice that we are delighted to supply, we can help you to encourage generous giving and help save and improve lives. We have already helped our customers to raise millions of pounds over the years, for charities throughout the UK.

Collection Bucket

Whatever Your Fund Raising Plan, Encourage Generous Giving Using Charity Collection Boxes, Posters, Floorstands & Much More

Through use of the products that we can offer to you and the associated printed items, we can help bring your fund raising to the forefront of the public. Our charitable collection products will help attract cash from all walks of life by enhancing how the cause is portrayed. So whether you plan to use collection boxes or collection buckets in schools, offices or in the high street, we can assist your cause and attract people when they are feeling at their most generous.

We've been able to engineer our business so that we can plan, design, print and despatch across the whole of the UK.

Our expert team are waiting for your call, we'll happily take orders large or small.


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