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Ultravalve - Your First Choice For Safety Valves, RPZ Valves And Butterfly Valves.

Safety Valves

About Us

Ultravalve Ltd is the UK's biggest supplier of all types of valves, including process control valves, stainless steel non-return check valves and UL-FM gate valves. We are distributors of butterfly valves, safety valves and RPZ valves for some of the best valve manufacturers in the world. Which means, if you're looking for valves, there really is only one place to go - Ultravalve Ltd.

Whatever you need valves for, whatever industry you're in, whether it's in the commercial, industrial or domestic sector, we've got it covered. From butterfly valves to UL-FM gate valves and everything in between only Ultravalve offers real choice, great value for money and service that's hard to beat.

Just take a look at some of the brand names you'll find at Ultravalve. Gemu, Uamein, Mondeo S.R.L., Danfoss and Honeywell are just a few of the big names you'll find all under one roof at Ultravalve Ltd. How many other suppliers can say that?

In 2015, Ultravalve celebrated their 29th anniversary which demonstrates their ability to thrive even in the difficult economic climate with industries closing down and numerous job losses. Ultravalve have however gone from strength to strength, consistently securing both new and repeat business. The company are dedicated to superior customer service and they have an ongoing commitment to the delivery of exceptional quality products. Furthermore, they always strive to maintain their ISO9001 accreditation and various certifications including Safe Contractor, Construction Online and Achilles and they have an ongoing membership with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce and the British Valve and Actuator Association. They are the preferred distributers for a number of businesses and distribute brands such as Gemu, Vexve, Mondeo, Danfoss and more.

Valves for every purpose.

Whatever sector your business is in, from water, to gas, to the food and drink industries, from safety valves to RPZ valves, Ultravalve Ltd has the valves you need at the quality you've grown to expect from the UK's most reputable valve supplier. And when it comes to price, we're very competitive there too. Need a valve product that you can't find here, don't worry, just get in touch. This is only a small selection of the huge range of valve products we have in stock.

Product Range

The product range of Ultravalve is extensive and they provide the most comprehensive range of valves for a whole range of projects and businesses. The products that they provide include;

Economy Valves

Process Valves

Economy valves - On a budget? No problem. At Ultravalve Ltd, we offer a comprehensive selection of economy valves, including safety valves and stainless steel non-return check values. All are high quality, just the price is lower.

We supply a whole range of screwed end ball valves to suit specific requirements. The valves vary slightly in terms of specification depending its purpose but they usually include features such as a blow out proof stem, a practical tapped and drilled mounting pad, TA Luft approval if this is required and lengths which meet stringent DIN 3202/4-M3 - 2006M3 regulations.

Process Valves & Actuators

Process Valves

These include Ball, Gate and Butterfly Valves and Pressure reducing valves as well as Regulating valves and Actuators, all of which are high performance products manufcatured to high standards.

Mini Ball Valves - Offering a number of choices to suit the requirements of the engineering project Economy Brass Ball Valves with a number of different handle options and constructed from pressed steel or butterfly and fast steel with a black sleeve.

Brass Ball Valves - High quality valves which comply with Gas/WRAS approval and they have a number of different lever options such as aluminium, flat steel and butterfly types.

Euro Press - Valves which are designed to save time and resources. The Euro Press valves have been specifically designed in accordance with current standards and can withstand water and the pressing connections conform to current standards which apply to the UNI EN 11065 regulations. Furthermore, they are also suitable for use with copper and stainless steel pipes.

Eurofly Valves - These are a relatively new and they have a patented design, Brass Butterfly valve with a throttling lever enabling the engineer to have full control of line media without any back cavities or anti-water hammers which reduce the build up of limescale.

These are just a few of the hundreds of different process valves and actuators that we stock. If there is a specific valve that you are searching for, please contact the team who will be happy to help you locate the correct one.

GEMU Valves

GEMU Valves

As everyone in the valve business knows, Gemu manufacture some of the highest quality valves you can buy. We stock a range of diaphragm valves, angle seat globe valves, solenoid valves and flow meters from the world leader. And if you're in the paint industry, you'll be happy to know that we also supply silicon free valves.

Gemu are a leading provider of high quality valves along with measurement and control solutions. Engineered control solutions are available for a number of processes across a wide range of industries such as industrial plants and machine construction, automotive, water and waste water treatment, chemical industry, steel works, mining, power stations, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, paper, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage industries and microelectronics, so the demand for high quality valves is high. The Gemu product range is extensive, with the company supplying an extensive range of products including;

  • Stainless steel diaphragm valves for sterile operations and the metal industry
  • Full bore diaphragm valves for the metal industry and plastics
  • SilverLine Diaphragm valves for both plastics and metal
  • Angle Seat Globe Valves for metalwork

A variety of other valves are available from Gemu including globe, control, butterfly, solenoid, pilot solenoid, ball valves and more.



We might be known best for our huge range of valves, but here at Ultravalve, we also stock a comprehensive range of gauges made from stainless steel, brass and mild steel. While you're at it, check out some of our valve accessories, such as our pipe descaler that has been developed for use with many of our valve products.

Measuring the temperature or pressure in certain environments is essential and Ultravalve specialise in the provision of equipment to not only take accurate measurements but to also ensure that the gauges can withstand extremes in temperature and even the most demanding of application. The range of gauges is extensive with the company offering a broad range of gauges from those which are lower in cost and for a general purpose to those which are more advanced and of a high quality. Ultravalve can also provide specific gauges to suit customer specifications. Ultravalve currently provide three types of gauge and these include Bourdon Tube, Gylceine and Heavy Duty gauges.

Mondeo Stainless Steel Check
Valves & Manifolds

Check Valves & Manifolds

Our Mondeo check valves and manifolds come in a range of sizes to meet most industrial and domestic needs. Check our range of stainless steel non-return check valves at www.ultravalve.co.uk.

Ultravalve are proud to supply valves from Mondeo as they have over 20 years expertise in the industry which allows them to provide products to a number of influential companies in the fluid movement industry throughout Italy and overseas. Mondeo supply two main types of product; Check Valves and Stainless Steel Manifolds.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves and process control valves - a full range of butterfly valves and process control valves manufactured by some of the most reputable valve companies in Europe always in stock.

Honeywell valves

Generation Pipe Descaler

Honeywell is probably the most instantly recognisable name in the industry when it comes to valves. Hardly surprising, when you consider their long history in the business. Ultravalve Ltd stock a full range of Honeywell valves, including thermostatic mixing valves, RPZ valves (including backflow devices) and an excellent range of balancing valves. When you buy from Ultravalve, you buy the best.

New Generation Pipe Descaler

Generation Pipe Descaler

The answer to calcium-carbonate build up in water. The Generation pipe descaler uses low voltage electr-magnetics to prevent scale build up without affecting the chemical composition of the water.

The precipitation of calcium carbonate salts present in water can cause significant problems to applications and equipment. The Ultravalve descaler is an electromagnetic, low voltage device that effectively addresses this problem. The equipment includes a feed and a descaler which includes a diamagnetic pipe where the water is treated. Coils are connected in pairs and are wound around a pipe so that the signal generated by the transformer can be received and processed. Electromagnetic fields create radiowaves and the electric fields change at the frequency of the magnetic element of the system. Descaling depends on the electrical fields.

New UL/FM Fire Protection Products

Fivalco Fire Protection Valves

Ideal for fire protection equipment, Ultravalve Ltd has recently been selected as the main UK distributor for Fivalco, the leading manufacturer of fire protection valves.

Fivalco Standard Range - Cast iron ductile valves are developed in accordance with ISO standards and they are constructed using the finest materials. Fivalco have a vast product inventory of butterfly valves, gate valves, globe, check and balancing valves as well as eccentric plug valves, foot valves, strainers, ball valves, air relief valves and rubber expansion joints.

The fire protection range are FM or UL approved and Fivalco pride themselves on the quality of their products. Butterfly and gate valves are extensively tested prior to approval, at least four or five times with varying levels of working pressure. All valve stems are constructed from stainless steel to ensure that they can withstand corrosion and all gate valves are painted in a bright red colour which removes the requirement for them to painted onsite.

RPZ valves

Fivalco Fire Protection Valves

RPZ valves are one of our specialist areas at Ultravalve Ltd. We understand that when it come to RPZ valves, quality is of the upmost importance. After all, RPZ valves are very often used for transporting drinking water, so health issues need to be fully addressed. And that's why only an accredited installer such as Ultravalve Ltd, is qualified to install these systems. We offer complete RPZ assembly tailored to your exact needs. When it comes to experience, our engineers are fully certified by WTI to carry out the installation and testing of all RPZ valves and systems. No wonder so many of the country's water authorities rely on Ultravalve's consultancy and testing services to keep the UK's water supply moving. You can benefit from that same experience. Simply get in touch to find out more about our RPZ consulting services.

Safety Valves

Safety is of utmost importance in any industry and safeguarding employees should be at the forefront of any product selection decision. Ultravalve take great pride in selecting safety valves which facilitate the safe operation of equipment. Providing a comprehensive range of CE tested safety valves which provide optimum levels of performance and include compressed air safety valves, overflow valves and pressure reducers.

For more information on our extensive range of Valve products please contact us using the details above or visit our web site.

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