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Happy Office

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Happy Office

Business Machines, Inks and Toners and Computer Supplies

At Happy Office Supplies we have more than 35,000 products to choose from. Yes, really! This means we can supply you with absolutely everything your office needs from the one portal. From business machines, inks and toners to computer supplies, stationery and even office furniture - we pride ourselves on having not just the latest ranges and biggest brands but also the best prices around.

In fact, we're convinced you'd be hard-pushed to get a better deal than what we can offer you at Happy Office Supplies. We know this because we undertake a weekly price comparison check and are proud to show you the results. Our returns policy is excellent, while spend more than £30 on your order and we guarantee free next day delivery.


How do we manage this low-cost, premium-quality service? Well, we don't have high overheads, manage a fantastic staff and we buy in bulk. And we do mean BULK. When it comes to business machines, for instance, we have a staggering range of 800 to choose from. Now try telling us you can't find something you like from that little lot!


The majority of our stock are big brand names at the top of their game such as Canon, Casio, Philips and Brother. We can offer you a multi-function business machine to take care of all your printing, photocopying, scanning and faxing needs in the one go. There's also comb and wire binding machines, label makers, laminators, calculators and dictation machines.


We don't just have the hardware but also the essential supplies to make it function such as dictation tapes, fax machine rolls and a huge selection of batteries and cartridges. Again, we believe in quality so stock popular names such as Duracell, Belkin and Micromark.

Ink and Toner

You'd have trouble finding an office these days that didn't have any computing equipment in it and that's why at Happy Office Supplies we have everything you'll ever need in terms of computer supplies from anti-glare screens, keyboard wrist rests (very popular) and keyboard dust covers to monitors, and printers. We've even got the equipment to keep them in tip-top condition thanks to our range of sprays and wipes. And to ensure your precious computer doesn't get damaged when you are en-route to business meetings, our laptop carry cases, overnight cases and flight laptop bags are all extremely attractive and reasonably-priced.

When it comes to computer hardware you can rest assured we stock the names you like such as Microsoft, HP, Brother, Nokia and Epson to name but a few. Wireless keyboards, optical mouses, laser printers, flatbed scanners, memory cards, USB devices, blank disc media, data tapes and parallel printers - we have the lot.

Computer Hardware

For inks and toners our range of 4383 products includes fabric and thermal ribbons, drums, ozone filters, developers, imaging units and printer maintenance kits.

In term of office supplies again, we have everything you've ever thought of and more. We don't just mean envelopes and labels (though of course we have those too). Got a presentation coming up? Then use our special display books or wipe-clean portfolio folders. We've artists and graphic supplies including cutting mats, drawing boards, trimmers and fine art pencils.

Artist Supplies

Wage pads, visitors books and petty cash pads - we sell these too as well as a range of writing pads and stationary at very competitive prices.

For large-scale presentations or those of room-size our dry wipe boards are extremely popular. These can be either magnetic or light-weight and smooth for writing on. They come in single or double-sided versions. We also have foyer boards or wipe-clean door notice tabs. Or maybe you'd prefer a flipchart easel, 'rail' board or projection screen?

Presentation Equipment

In offices we find that furniture can make all the difference between comfort (you or your staff are spending long hours working) or slog. And that's why we have an impressive range of seating, from 'managerial style' high backed chairs in black vinyl or fabric in a range of colours to computer chairs and industrial high stools.

Office Seating

We've panoramic prints to bring colour to your walls and a smile to your day. Our cool air fans are popular while desk top and floor standing screens are great for giving your staff privacy without isolation.

Storage-wise we've a range of lockers in various colours and sizes with reinforced doors and locks for privacy.

Where to find us

We're easy to find and even easier to order from. And if you can't find what you're looking for in our vast online catalogue then just tell us and we'll hunt it down for you. All you have to do is fill in the online form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can - regardless of whether you're talking computer supplies, business machines, inks and toners etc.

Our friendly and informed staff, based in our office in Foundry Lane, Horsham, West Sussex are more than happy to answer any queries you might have. You can always speak to one of us direct us between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Why shop with us?

We know how to make your office more productive through providing you with a range of time-saving, efficient and easy-to-use products. We know our business inside-out and want to pass on some of that knowledge to you.

We'll make sure you get the best prices by comparing them with our competitors on a weekly basis.

All our team are approachable and willing to help. We're all 'happy' after all.

Our customer charter ensures we always give the best possible deal and service to our clients while the think-tank we've created lets us hear - and take on board - your suggestions.


We're proud to say we abide by the ethical standards set out in the International Labour Organisation when it comes to procuring goods. Our packaging too is aimed at having a minimal impact on the environment through a variety of recycling measures. We're proud to say we've already begun a carbon management programme to reduce our Co2 emissions.

We have a great team here and we're sure you'll be happy to deal with us.