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Busbar Bending and Punching Machines,
Alfra Busbar Cutting Machines and Steel Punching Machines from Electropress Ltd


When it comes to Alfra bus bar cutting machines, Electropress Ltd should be your first port of call. We are the UK's number one provider of bus bar bending and punching machines, including steel punching machines, and have been in the business for more than 20 years. For all metal hole punching, including tools for mild and stainless steel, Electropress Ltd is the only company you can trust to fulfil all your bus bar bending, punching and cutting needs.

Busbar Bending and Punching Machines

Although our Alfra bus bar cutting machines and steel punching machines have been designed to the highest standards for the construction of control and switchgear panels, they are extremely versatile and are widely used by electricians and electrical contractors, plumbers and carpenters. Furthermore, our Alfra bus bar cutting machines come in seven different types of system, there's sure to be one to meet your needs. Visit our website to download a catalogue of our products.

The UK's most comprehensive range of Alfra bus bar cutting machines and tools

Electroplus Ltd is the only official agent of Alfra products in Ireland and the UK, so for a genuine high quality product and superb after sales, Electroplus Ltd is the only company you need to deal with.

Steel Punching Machines and Equipment

For metal hole punching, the jack plug, radius and bending jaws are easily removed with nothing more complex than an Allen key.

The steel punching equipment is also easily positioned and allows for the punching of elongated holes, as well as standard round holes. Furthermore, a digital height adjuster on all our steel punching machines allows you to move the bus bar to the exact location for punching holes.

Alfra Punching Machines

Alfra Bus Bar Cutting Machines

To start the cutting process, uncouple the hydraulic hose and connect to the cutting kit. Place the bus bar under the cutting lathe and secure. With our Alfra bus bar cutting machines, it couldn't be simpler and if you do have any problems, Electroplus Ltd operate a superb after sales service, 365 days a year, for all our bus bar bending and cutting machines. We even offer a regrind service for used cutters, meaning you can cut save money when it comes to buying new ones.

Alfra also supply other tools ideal for manufacturing switchboards including:

  • Manual Punch and Dies
  • Din Rail Cutters
  • Crimping Tools
  • Bi-Metal Hole Saws
  • TCT Cutters
  • Step Drills
Alfra Equipment

Bus Bar Bending and Punching Machines

When it comes to bus bar bending, Electroplus' popular bus bar system couldn't be easier to operate. Simply place the bus bar in the machine and adjust the electronic measuring device to the desired angle and the machine does the rest, giving you a precisely angled bus bar.

Electronic Hydraulic Busbar Bending Station

Versatility and Accuracy Guaranteed

Many of our Alfra bus bar cutting machines are dual purpose, enabling you to bend and punch through copper bus bar. For example, our Alfra bus bar cutting system, catalogue reference 2420, can bend and punch through copper bus bar of up to 120mm by 12mm. We offer a range of punch and die sizes for our steel punching machines, from 6.6mm to 21.5mm, and we can even customise punch and die sizes to meet your specific requirements. A digital angle selector can be added to our bus bar bending and punching machines for even greater accuracy.

Bus Bar Cutting Machines

But what really stands out when it comes to our bus bar bending and punching machines is the ease of switching operation from bus bar bending to bus bar punching. It literally takes no more than a few seconds. What's more, the cutting tool can be attached in a few seconds also and is capable of cutting through 12mm of copper bus bar in just five seconds - without leaving uneven edges or burrs.

Other examples of our Alfra bus bar cutting machines, such as catalogue reference 03980 come with drawer storage for punches and dies. This particular model is mobile and ideal for workshops, where it can be moved around on its wheels easily and locked into position when being operated to ensure a safe working environment.

Metal Hole Punching and Tools for Mild and Stainless Steel

We have metal hole punching and tools for mild and stainless steel covered too, from small hand operated punching units to large steel punching machines. Our smaller machines are ideal for workshops and constructions sites, as they are very portable, and are capable of punching holes in mild and stainless steel that is 3mm thick.

We also do a range of steel punching machines that can be operated by hand or foot, useful where you may not have access to an electrical supply. These are able to punch holes in metal up to a size of 138mm x 138mm up to 3mm thick.

Finally, there are six models in our range of large steel punching machines with throat depths from 250mm up to 800mm. These are capable of punching doors up to 2200mm x 1000mm. All these machines use laser technology in order to precisely locate the exact centre of the hole. Despite the size of these steel punching machines, changing the punch and dies is quick and easy, taking around 25 seconds.

Metal Hole Punching Machines

Other products in our Alfra range include various accessories for metal hole punching and tools for mild and stainless steel, including tri star cutters, din rail cutters, crimpers, bi-metal hole saws and step drills.

So, if you're looking for the best range of bus bar bending and cutting machines, steel punching machines, Alfra bus bar cutting machines, tools for metal hole punching and tools for mild and stainless steel, visit our web site to download a catalogue of the best bus bar cutting devices and metal punching equipment.

For more information about our machines please contact Jimmy Dainty using the details above or visit our website for more information and out full Alfra product catalogue.