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Brook Security

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Brook Security's Location

Brook Security have been in business for over 20 years providing a wide range of security services to commercial and domestic clients in Kent, London, Essex, and Surrey.

The services we provide are as follows ...

Access Control

Access control devices that we fit for clients include digital keypad entry systems, swipe card systems, proximity readers, and more advanced solutions such as biometric devices.  In all cases, clients require access control to be tailor made to their requirements and to have full confidence that access to their property is strictly controlled.  However, it's not purely about protecting property - access control is essential for protecting people too - for example, restricting access to parts of schools and protecting staff from unwanted intruders.


CCTV surveillance systems are mostly required by commercial clients but over the years we've found more domestic clients are attracted by the peace of mind and also lowering prices that have been possible through increases in technology.

Burglar Alarms

When we started in business burglar alarms were simply devices that went off when they detected an intruder.  Over the years the solutions have become more advanced, very rarely malfunction, and tend to be linked via the Internet so that there's instant awareness of an alarm that has been triggered.   We install burglar alarms in equal quantities for both commercial and domestic clients.