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Optimise Heat and Steam Ltd

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Optimise Heat and Steam Ltd

For Boiler Servicing And Boiler Repair, It Has To Be Optimise Heat & Steam.

About Us

Optimise Heat & Steam Ltd specialise in boiler servicing, boiler repair and industrial pipework fitting and repair. We can also install or repair all steam & hot water systems throughout the counties of East Anglia, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. No one knows steam & hot water systems better. From retail and commercial boilers to industrial pipework, Optimise Heat & Steam Ltd can handle any boiler servicing job or boiler repair imaginable..

Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing

The experts in steam & hot water systems.

Our staff are all experts in all steam & hot water systems, so whether it's for boiler repair or boiler servicing, with Optimise Heat & Steam, you know you're getting someone who knows what they're doing. And when it comes to safety, that's our number one priority, so you get a boiler servicing that's energy and cost-efficient, all our boiler repairs meet all legal health and safety legislation.

Whatever business you're in, your steam and hot water systems are in safe hands with Optimise Heat & Steam Ltd.


We offer our expertise throughout the East Anglian Regions of the UK in locations such as Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Our experienced staff have provided and installed many quality systems across a range of industrial sectors and have also have expertise in areas such as:

  • Water Softeners
  • Pumps & valves
  • Boilers flues
  • Gas Pipework
  • Welding and pipework installation
  • Annual Boiler servicing
  • Boiler cleaning/ descaling contracts
  • N.D.T. inspection and repair
  • Pressure testing and steam metering
  • Boiler System design and fabrication

We have provided our services in many inductry sectors including Hospitals, Power Stations, Beweries, Leisure centres, Shopping Centres, Food Production Establishments, Pharmaceuticals, Government Bodies like Local Authorities and Prison Services.

Boiler installations and boiler servicing.

Boiler Installation

We have a wide range of steam & hot water systems suitable for every type of business. More importantly, we can advise on the best type of boiler system for your business, so you save money and become more efficient.

And, when it comes to boiler repairs and boiler servicing, we always have a wide range of spare parts and accessories in stock, so if you ever need a boiler repair, we'll get your boiler back up-and-running in as little time as possible.

Boiler Installation

Because we manufacture our own components, such as bonded fuel tanks and hot water tanks for steam & hot water systems, we have an in-depth knowledge of the most efficient hot water solutions for your business and can service and repair all your boiler equipment and industrial pipework quickly, should you have a problem.

Contact one of our experienced engineers to see how we can help you or visit our website at www.optimiseheatandsteam.com. No matter how big or how small your company, or what size your boiler, we guarantee the same great service for all your steam & hot water systems.

Pipework Installation

Pipework Installation

Every Optimise Heat & Steam Ltd engineer is gas safety registered and our welders are tested to BSEN 287 standards, so when it comes to industrial pipework installation and industrial pipework repairs, you get only the best expertise and the best components for all your steam & hot water systems.

We specialise in a variety of industrial pipework, such as steam and condensate pipework, steam & hot water system design, Pipework Installationboilerhouse installation, steam surveys, gas pipework, compressed air and pressurised systems. Furthermore, since we also experts in welded and screwed systems, we have every angle covered for your industrial pipework.

When it comes to leak detection and repair, we're experts in that too. Get in touch for more advice on the most efficient industrial pipework solutions and servicing for your business.

  • Fuel Oil
  • Compressed Air
  • Steam/condensate Pipework
  • Steam and Hot Water Systems Design
  • Full Boilerhouse and Factory Installations
  • Turn Key Contracts
  • Steam Surveys
  • Gas Pipework
  • Hot and Cold Water systems
  • Pressurised Steam and Water Wash Down Systems

Chimneys and Flues

Probably more overlooked than any other part of your steam & hot water system, or boiler, is your chimneys and flues. However, that's not the case with Optimise Heat & Steam Ltd. We are meticulous when it comes to chimneys and flues, because we understand the efficiency savings that can be made by installing the right chimney equipment. That's why all our engineers have a full understanding of every chimney and flue system for every type of boiler.

What's more, when it comes to chimney installation and servicing, we can advice you on the most cost-effective ways of using your system to recycle heat. Whether your business uses balanced flue terminals, free standing masts or chimneys, we have all the necessary expertise and resources to handle all your needs from installation to repair and servicing.

Stainless Steel Chimneys

Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair and Boiler Installation

For boiler repair and servicing, Optimise Heat & Steam are the firm to talk to in your locality. No one has greater expertise or a wider range of spare parts in stock for boiler repair and boiler servicing. We provide a full 24/7 call out service, so when you need us for your boiler repair, we're there.

Few things can cause more damage to your business than a boiler breakdown, so if you have a problem, no matter how small you think it might be, make sure you contact us for the fastest possible boiler repair, boiler servicing and industrial pipework repairs.

Boiler Repair and Boiler Installation

We understand that when it comes to boiler repair, speed is of the essence, so call us the moment you discover any issues, whether it's a steam, oil, or gas leak, weld failure, power cut or system malfunction. One of our experienced boiler repair teams will be there right away to identify problems and fix leaks before they get any worse and become business critical.

Ask about our energy surveys.

When it comes to business, cutting costs is more important than ever, so why not get in touch regarding one of our energy surveys. Not only can we tell you how and where you can saving money on your energy bills, we'll also be able to tell you how your business can go greener and protect the environment too.

And, if during the survey, any maintenance issues crop up regarding your boiler, steam & hot water systems, or industrial pipework, the experts are already there to perform any boiler repairs or boiler servicing you need.