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Blackfast Chemicals - When It Comes To Blacking And Chemical Blackening, Talk To The Room Temperature Blacking Experts.



When it comes to blacking, chemiblacking and room temperature blacking, it is easier and infinitely more cost-effective with Blackfast Chemical Ltd. We have developed a blacking method for all types of iron, steel and other metals that is cost-effective, easy to perform and looks great.

Blacking and Chemical Blackening from Blackfast Chemicals Limited

Hardly surprising then that our blacking methods, including room temperature blacking and chemiblacking are used throughout the metalworking industry. For hand tool makers, cutters, machine builders, the automobile industry, hobbyists, industrial equipment and metal finishing, wherever there is a need for blacking, you'll find Blackfast chemicals.

Why use room temperature blacking?

Chemical blackening is the best way to colour high precision tools that can't be plated or painted, as this may affect their actual dimensions and cause them to be unfit for purpose. Because room temperature blacking is a chemical process, it also gives the item to be blacked protective qualities, guarding against corrosion and, of course, adding a great looking finish.

Blacking has other less known benefits too: the black surface reduces glare from reflective surfaces that could lead to accidents in the work place. What's more, black surfaces put less strain on the eyes, reducing fatigue.

Chemiblacking is most suitable for instruments, tools and items with complex shapes as the dipping process makes it easier to colour hard-to-reach areas such as holes, crevices and contours.

Blacking and Chemical Blackening from Blackfast Chemicals Limited

Many customers ask us what the specific benefits of room temperature blacking over hot blacking and we're very happy to explain. To begin with, your set-up costs are much less as you don't require costly tanks - standard plastic tanks are fine. And talking of costs, since you don't need to heat your tanks, you save on power bills.

Furthermore, the fumes in traditional hot blacking techniques can be corrosive to your factory plant and even dangerous to health, which means investing in health and safety equipment. And when it comes to waste, with room temperature blacking, unlike hot blacking, there is none - you simply top up your tanks. Nothing needs to be thrown away.

Blacking and Chemical Blackening from Blackfast Chemicals Limited

Blacking with Blackfast Chemicals.

Perhaps the best thing about chemical blackening with Blackfast Chemicals Ltd is that it is a room temperature blacking process, which makes it much more convenient and simple than other chemiblacking processes - ideal for hobbyists and tradespeople, as well as industrial applications.

Our chemical blackening process starts a degreasing process, followed by dipping the item to be blacked in a surface conditioner. This is then followed by submersion in our blacking solution. It's this three step procedure that ensures uniform blacking and a great finish every time. After that, a final step can be employed to protect the item against corrosion. This involves immersing the item to be blacked in a dewatering solution.

In between each step, all that's needed is a quick rinse in a clean water solution. Once the item has been air-dried, it's ready to be used.

After Blacking

Chemical blackening products.

Machine Parts

We supply a full range of chemiblacking and room temperature blacking products - in fact, everything you need for the blacking of iron, steel, brass, copper, pewter and zinc. That's in addition to a full range of additional supplies and accessories needed for room temperature blacking, including dewatering solution, alloy wheel and paint strippers, rust removers and acid pickling solutions.

For more details on our wide range of chemical blackening agents and related products, please visit our website at www.blackfast.com. Some tips when performing room temperature blacking.

The secret to a good finish is to make sure the item to be blacked is perfectly clean. Keep your blacking solutions at the correct concentrations and always above 15 degrees Celsius. It's a good idea to move small items around to ensure a thorough coating. Similarly, when it comes to items with complex shapes, try to rotate the item vertical, horizontally and diagonally to ensure no missed spots.

How chemical blackening originated.

Chemical Blackening from Blackfast Chemicals Limited

Historically, chemiblacking originated as a way to protect tools and weapons from corrosion and extend their lifetime. Corrosion occurs when metal becomes oxidised, so using an all-over oxidation process, such as blacking, means that no further oxidation can take place.

In the early days of blacking, this process was called 'blueing'. This primitive procedure basically involved dipping items in a solution of copper nails that had been dissolved in acid. Clearly, in the past, it was not the safest trade in the world. The item was then buried in soil until it took on a dark bluish hue that could be oiled to a lustrous finish.

However, the technology has evolved greatly over the years and better, safer chemicals, such as those developed by Blackfast Chemicals Ltd, make the entire process cleaner, more environmentally friendly and of course much easier and faster. The end-result of room temperature blacking in modern times is better than ever.

We're still improving today.

Blackfast Chemicals Ltd is known the world over as a market leader in the supply of quality blacking and chemiblacking products. In fact, the process now, is very often known as 'blackfasting'. That's because we've been in the business for thirty years and because we're so far ahead we have little or no competition. Yet we're still developing new ways of innovating and improving our products. We're always on the look out for new partners too. Once customers try our superior products they'll be back for more, so if you think you'd like to share in our success, please visit our website at www.blackfast.com and get in touch.

For room temperature blacking that's safe, easy to apply, looks great and is effective for all types of tools and metals, talk to Blackfast Chemicals Ltd.

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