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Midland Bearings Ltd

Linear Bearings, Needle Roller Bearings and Ball Bearings from Midland Bearings - the UK's Bearing Suppliers

UK Bearing Suppliers for Premier Brands & Prompt Professional Service

Leading bearing suppliers, Midland Bearings are a large company providing a range of products including linear bearings, needle roller bearings, specialist sized and branded bearings, chains and sprockets among many others from Japan, China (TR and FK) and Western European manufacturers.

We have been supplying to the market for over 16 years, and are perfectly placed in the Midlands, to promptly serve the whole of the UK. Our large warehouse - almost 35,000 square feet - houses a quality team that work tirelessly to despatch product orders to our customers the same day.

Corroson Reistant Bearings

We are the only UK supplier of MBA and FK bearings and units and, with a service that outshines most, and a product list that reaches over 8 million, our computer stock management system and an expert team with in-depth knowledge of the trade and the products. We have built up a reputation as a leading stockist who offers lasting support and an extraordinary after sales service.

Our pricing is honest - we advertise gross manufacturer recommended prices on our website and offer specialist unit discounts where possible. We also provide ways to save costs on stocked 'off the shelf' products by giving our customers alternatives that meet the high standards they expect from our range, but without the 'branded' price tag.

We can customise bearing products to strict customer requirements, providing quotes for the job, design and consideration and can take the customised product from the drawing board to the final manufactured stage.

So the option is with our customer - stick to premium branded bearings or take a challenge to opt for un-branded bearings of a similar standard - cost cutting at its ultimate best.

An expansive range of bearings, chains, sprockets and equipment - a whole variety, with options for cost-cutting

We offer an ever expanding range of ball bearings, chains, sprockets and even pallet trucks and manual stackers to fulfil the needs of our customers. And with our expansive range of innovative products that have extensive technical capabilities, our expert team are ready to advise and support.

We will give our full attention and offer our professional knowledge to customers from the enquiry stage, and will plan accurate delivery schedules according to supply needs. The expert Midland Bearings team are experienced in offering specialist design solutions right down the last bearing, ensuring that we can meet tight deadlines and reliably deliver products when promised.

Ball Bearing Suppliers

Full RoHS compliance - for quality products and components that meet strict guidelines

As one of the leading bearing suppliers across the UK, we fully comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), a directive set by the European Union to place limits on the use of dangerous materials.

If you need linear bearings, pressed steel, stainless steel, nylon or needle point bearings, water pump bearings - or anything else found on our product list (refer to our website for details) - try us first for genuine quality, alternatives for budget savings and a truly exceptional customer service; we have the team whose knowledge and experience surpass that of other companies servicing the same industries.

Water Pump Bearings

WIf its just one ball bearing needed, or our customers are looking for a fully tailored contract and regular deliveries then we're well placed, have the experience and the passion to deal with your enquiry professionally.

With a huge range of products to surprise and delight our customers, we're confident we'll fulfil the majority of current business needs and will continue to be reliable, deliver on time and send you hard wearing products - giving you confidence in our products, assurance in our delivery times and assurance in our overall ability.

Readily available products, almost instant despatch, strictly adhered to delivery schedules and a variety of bearing precision made products

Products that are readily available and usually in stock to despatch almost immediately; schedule that are strictly met to maintain our customer expectations; a choice of branded and un-branded alternatives; and unparalleled discounts available to all of our customers, small or large - we simply exceed expectations.

We use manufacturers with premises specially built, with factory equipment which exceeds the industry norm. Whatever industrial trade our customers specialise in, we can guarantee the high quality of the precision made products that are hand-picked by our team.

Fast Dispatch Bearing Products

Customised bearings made up to exacting customer standards

Customised bearing products can be supplied to customers needing that little bit extra.

We select products that can be customised accurately to customer's requirements. The advanced equipment used by our bearing suppliers, to manufacture items like needle roller bearings which need to be exact and fully tested for tolerance to varying influences, ensures strict design and testing procedures are followed, and only a superior quality product is supplied.

Customised Bearing Products

Linear bearings for the automotive and trade industries

Not only is our unbeatable product range packed full of roller bearings, spherical plain 'GE Series' bearings, bushes, sprockets and tapers but we have a selection of standard and linear bearings whose design and testing is highly considered.

We help our customers choose the right bearing product for the job and advise on complimentary components that work well, have a long life span and match up perfectly with the chosen products.

Our full product list is shown on the Midland Bearings website and we keep our stock list up to date, which can also be found on the site. We will provide all technical data for engineers on the website and any missing can be requested through our passionate and knowledgeable team.

Whichever industry sector you're in, or if you're a member of the public looking to place a small order, or if you're in a trade or industry where quality matters and you need prices that can be adapted on special order requests - try us as leading bearing suppliers today.

Linear Bearings

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