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Discover The Cutting Edge Of Band Saw, Sawmills And Band Saw Blades Technology.

Saws (UK) Ltd is the UK's leading band saw specialist. For the widest range of band saw and band saw blades for sawmills and other businesses with a need for band saw machines, we will not be beaten on choice, quality or price. When it comes to new and used and refurbished industrial bandsaw products, we have it all - including the latest range of Startrite band saws. So why go anywhere else?

Wood cutting band saw blades

Who are we?

Founded in 1987 by Allen Peatfield, a man with a wealth of experience in band saw and band saw blade industry, we have become the UK's biggest supplier of sawmills and band saw blades to businesses everywhere. Our clients come from every sector. These are companies, both big and small, that realise we offer value, quality and, above all, choice. What's more, we are one of the few companies that will customise your sawmills and band saws to order, so you get exactly what you need for your business.

We are the UK's number band saw supplier.

We are suppliers for many European brands of band saw and band saw blades, such as Klaeger, Pilous and Cursal - both new and used. Quite simply, no one has access to more brands or better choice. For example, we are the only importer of dual drive band saw machines in the UK - probably the best performing band saw you can buy. And we also stock the FOM range. With Saws (UK) Ltd, you'll be spoiled for choice.

For band saws, aluminium saws, chop saws, band saw blades and SHSS circular saw blades for sawmills and businesses in associated industries, make us your first choice.

Circular Saws

The biggest choice of band saw blades in the UK.

Of course, for every band saw you're going to need to band saw blades and, again, in this area, we are the UK's specialists. Whatever, length, width and tooth pitch of band saw blade you need, we can supply it. Furthermore, our band saw blades come in carbon or bi-metal. Unlike other suppliers, we weld all our band saw blades in-house so we can check the quality of every band saw blade that leaves our workshops.

But, best of all, even if you have a bespoke order, we will deliver your band saw blades the very next day. Whether you're cutting wood, metal or plastic, we have band saw blades to meet your every need. See our website at www.sawuk.com to check out our range of M42 bi-metal band saw blades - ideal for use with our Forestor sawmills and the smaller Pezzolato sawmills.

Carbide tipped band saw blades are also available for more intensive applications, such as those within the aerospace and defence sectors.

More band saws means more choice.

Metal cutting band saws - We have a full range of horizontal and vertical band saws, including all the most popular Alligator models. See our range of vertical band saws and circular saws on our website for the one most appropriate for your needs. Of course, we can also supply a full range of accessories such as tables and coolants. And if you need any advice on finding what products are best for your needs, simply get in touch. We'll be only too happy to help. We have one of the most extensive ranges of metal cutting band saws on the market and all of our products are sourced from leading manufacturers so you can guarantee quality and of course safety when operating the saw. Whether you have a small budget or you are looking for something a little more advanced, we have a product to suit every requirement. You can select from a range of vertical, horizontal or pivot band saws to effortlessly cut through metal, tubes using the right blades.

Metal cutting band saws

Wood cutting band saws - Our range of wood cutting band saws includes Startrite band saws, including vertical models, and, of course, the ever-popular Forestor sawmills. For educational establishments, such as universities and trade colleges, we offer a range of safety models, ideal for teaching the techniques associated with using sawmills correctly. Finding a good quality saw for wood can be difficult. You want to find one which is long lasting and one you can count on, particularly if its for business use. Bandsaws are specifically designed for high precision sawing and we provide products with blades that is consistent, long lasting and offers a high quality finish. We invest heavily in finding high quality wood cutting band saws to progress through even the most demanding of wood cutting tasks.

Wood cutting band saws

Aluminium band saws - The Comet 350 Alu Mitre is just one band saw in our range of circular saws, which are our most popular band saws for cutting aluminium. Visit our website to see more. The Aluminium UA400 saw is a double mitre upstroke saw which has a rotational blade tipped with carbide to offer additional durability. The saw offers a compact design which is ideal for use where space is a premium and has a safety hood to safeguard employees from accidents. It also has a semi automatic operation and roller tubes for ease of use. The Perris 350 Aluminium saw is a durable, industrial saw for aluminium materials and is a quality Italian product. With a 350mm saw and pull down operation, it has an optional clamping feature with air cylinders and has a toolkit and full instruction kit.

Aluminium band saws

Bespoke band saws - One of things that make the service at Saws (UK) Ltd so unique is that we are able to design and build custom-made band saws to suit the individual needs of your business. Our bespoke band saws perform flawlessly in some of the biggest (and smallest) companies in the world, cutting materials such as rubber tyres, as well as performing other unique functions relevant to the business in which they are operated. Let us know you're particular requirement and we will design a band saw that meets your needs, improves your production processes and boost your productivity.

Band Saws

Do-all band saws and servicing - As well as a range of band saws that can cut a wide variety of materials, we can provide a comprehensive range of spare parts and servicing for all brands of band saw and sawmills.

It is not only important to ensure that you purchase the right saw and ensure that it is fit for purpose you need to know that it remains safe and operationally efficient. Saws UK Ltd not only supply different types of saws and blades, we also provide servicing. We can carry out a range of routine maintenance tasks on industrial saws including circular, horizontal and vertical bandsaws, service contracts and supply and fit spare parts for a number of different machines. We can also provide expert training to ensure that your saw is used correctly in the workplace.

Saws UK Ltd also carry out testing on material samples. We conduct thorough evaluations of the processes and required procedures for the project and then issue detailed recommendations as to the correct sawing machinery for your business. We can carry out this testing at your premises or at ours whichever is more convenient.

The correct use of saws is important to maintain optimum levels of safety. We can provide professional and tailored operator training delivered by our highly trained engineers. We also offer in house support once your saw has been installed and is fully operational.

Pezzolato sawmills - Pezzolato sawmills have been around since 1976 and in that time, they have built up a huge reputation, so much so that Pezzolato sawmills now share components with the prestigious Forestor sawmills brand. Here at Saws (UK) Ltd, we do the Timber Queen S5, Timber Queen HD6/7/8, the Mini Profi range, Maxi Profi and Super Profi - so there's sure to be one that meets your needs.

Band saw blades uk

Many of our customers who buy from us have a need for additional products such as drum chippers and firewood processing machinery. Simply get in touch to discuss your individual requirements and we'll do what we can to fulfil them.

German band saws - We've recently started stocking the latest Klaeger products, including the new state-of-the-art Pharos and Fortuna band saws. These are revolutionary band saws that are both economical and reliable and sure to be a big hit with our customers. Check out the specifications on our website and get in touch to reserve your high performance Klaeger band saw. And don't forget to order your band saw blades too!

If you have a specific operation and you are not sure what type of saw you need, we can work with you to develop a bespoke solution. We understand that one saw fits all approach doesn't necessarily work as we know that different businesses have their own requirements depending on the materials that they work with and the demands of the business. We offer a variety of sawing solutions for different stages of the production process and specialise in saws which require use in bespoke projects on a number of different materials. The team at Saws UK can issue expert advice and guidance to your business following a detailed assessment and then design and build a sawing solution which is unique to your specific requirements. We have worked nationally and internationally with businesses and have significantly improved operations in several sectors including the automotive, pipeline, offshore and motorsport sectors.

and automates the production of aluminium rings, saving you time and resources. The Alligator Opus Impeller Bandsaw is a hugely popular piece of equipment which has been sold to businesses worldwide. Our saws are now used in China, India and of course in the UK in a number of different production environments. These saws run at high speed and have a rotating table. They can also be programmed digitally to ensure that they cut to an accurate length.

Here at Saws UK, we have been providing high quality bandsaw blades for over 25 years and have a vast client base throughout the UK. Our Alligator bandsaw blades are of the highest standard and they are recognised in the industry for their longevity, effectiveness and quality. We stock a vast range of bandsaw blades which facilitate the sawing process.

The most popular blades that we supply are M42 bimetal bandsaw blades as well as carbon steel and carbide tipped saw blades. We also offer diamond edged blades and carbide grit blades to meet quite specific sawing requirements.

We also supply a variety of circular saw blades which can be used on a whole range of products from plastic through to non-ferrous material and stainless steel. We take a great deal of time to select saw blades which are of the best quality as we want our customers to receive products that they can count on.

If you are looking for high quality saw products Saws UK Ltd is the only company that you need. We offer a full range of machinery, saw blades and accessories and we can deliver servicing and training at your business premises to ensure that you get the very most from your products. Even if you are unsure about the saw that you need, we can carry out relevant testing to ensure that the saw you choose is as accurate as possible for the specific project.

German band saws

Visit our website to see our full product range. We're waiting to hear from you.

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