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Armco Road Safety Crash Barriers from Cenpart Ltd

About Cenpart Ltd

In the UK the phrase Armco Barrier has become the generic name for the corrugated steel armco crash barrier that you would see around a racetrack to protect both the crowd and drivers. The adoption of the term armco crash barrier is largely thanks to the former F1 commentator, Murray Walker.

Armco Barriers

How Armco Barriers are used

The uses of armco barriers now go way beyond the racetrack and armco crash barriers are now seen widely as a protective measure for both property and people, indoors and outdoors, in warehouses, car parks, loading bays and yards, docks, factories, quaysides and private roads all over the world.

Having a small amount of Armco Barrier installed in the right location should prevent thousands of pounds worth of damage to the stock, machinery, plant and the fabric of your buildings. We supply Armco Barrier Systems in both single or multi-row formats, with various post sizes to either cast in or bolt down, to effectively cope with your specific problems, whatever the type of vehicle.

Health and Safety laws enforced in the UK are now more stringent than ever and with the current "claim culture", it is vital to separate your employees from moving vehicles such as forklift trucks and from potential fall sites and drop offs. The installation of an Armco Barrier, with integral hand rails or without, can provide a protective, cost effective solution for them and for you, the piece of mind you are looking for.

Armco Type Crash Barrier

Since the Armco Barrier was originally designed for use on Highways this flexible, versatile system has been adapted on various occasions for protection against fast moving vehicles in many different situations, both indoors & outdoors.

It is now a common sight on private roads, and around thousands of buildings and car parks. It is regularly used in storage areas, loading bays and factories.

Beams, which can be straight or curved, overlap to give 3.2M effective length and various Posts to cast in or bolt down are available and these can be combined with mounting brackets. Add to this mitred corners and angles and a wide selection of end terminals this system is ideal for most installations.

Armco Type Crash Barrier with Cenpart Ltd

Fencing & Gate Manufacturers & Acoustic Barriers

As manufacturers of steel fencing, Cenpart Ltd offer a full service, supplying posts for noise and environmental fencing systems. From your standard RSJ with drilled holes for rails all the way to to the highly complex base plate style post with welded angle cleats, Cenpart can manufacture almost any type and virtually any size of post.

  • Cleats drilled and welded
  • Standard UB Section posts
  • Baseplates welded
  • Galvanised to BS 729
  • Powder Coated if required
  • Corner posts manufactured
  • Fixings supplied to suit posts
  • Delivered to site

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