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Industrial Adhesive Solutions

Industrial Adhesive Solutions - Technical & Adhesive Tape Plus Bonding & Adhesives

Fast, effective and high performance - that's our speciality. For clients that need solutions to applications that are cost effective, then it's important to use the right products in order to complete jobs in the best way possible. We have over 25 years of expert experience and our team works exhaustively to bring customers what we have become today - one of the leaders in the supply of adhesive tape, VHB tape, bonding products and adhesives.

Based in Warwickshire, we are ideally placed to supply tapes and adhesives to the whole of the UK. As well as low cost standard products, like tissue, foam and double sided tape, we are able to offer bespoke manufacturing and cutting services. Our custom made products can meet with the most demanding specifications, whilst remaining at a cost that is manageable in today's business economy.

Use of bonding and sealing products is common in many industries and lots of varying applications. The Indasol team will always offer to visit site and design bespoke and custom made products that are perfectly adapted to the final application. We will also fully test individual products so that we can help ensure that the final adhesive bond is suitable for your requirements.

By helping to identify products that work precisely in the job they were intended to do, we have developed a company that has access to an extensive amount of products. This ensures that we can pick from stock, custom make products to meet specific needs and are well placed in the industry to source materials that we do not have to work with.

  • VHB Tape
  • Acrylic Bondings
  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Structural Fixings
  • Material Sealings
  • Single & Double Sided Tape
  • Protection Tape
  • TLX Gold Tape
  • Tissue & Foam Tapes
Tissue Tape

With all kind of applications that can require the use of bonding and adhesives, we supply a huge range of products to meet the demands of even the most hard to please.

Our business has a unique approach and an un biased view to the needs of our clients. This is why we stock and make up as per project needs - each project is dealt with individually, with our levels of customer service being optimum no matter if you require small or large volumes of stock, and short or long term contracts to keep your own stock levels at a continuously helpful level.

Whether you need internal or external solutions, or are involved in property development, automotive, manufacturing or soft furnishings our industrial tapes offer real value for money along with genuine ability to result in an ultimate bond in order to perform to an optimum level.

Single Sided Tape

Adhesives - Helping Business Stick to Budget

There are lots of different applications for every single tape that we stock. It's a great way to adapt every single product to each separate application, safe in the knowledge that the adhesive tape has been fully tested in order to carry out the job successfully. There are a number of issues that adhesive tape can cope with:

  • Oil & Greasiness
  • Environment & Weather
  • Water & Moisture
  • Pressure
  • Solvents
  • Humidity
  • Vibration
  • Heat
Protection Tape

And a huge number of applications where bonding tapes such as VHB Tapes can be utilised, with a selection of our tapes being designed with in mind the ability to bond to materials such as wood, metal and glass:

  • To seal building membranes
  • As adhesive to decals
  • Automotive mouldings
  • Interior and exterior fixings
  • Vehicle interiors
  • Positioning (prior to welding and fixing)
  • Carpet fixing
  • Electronic case fixings
  • Circuit board protection during manufacture
Foam Tape

There are aesthetic reasons to use bonding and adhesive tapes in modern industry. With many mobile products becoming smaller and almost microscopic, it is becoming popular to use sealing bonds that last instead of mechanical fixings that need to be equally microscopic, but at the same time strong enough to hold things in place.

Industrial Tape Solutions offer products to our clients that withstand modern environments, cope with bonding substrates that other tapes cannot match, and have a capability to conform so that the work perfectly with curves and unusually shaped surfaces.

The products that we source and stock, as well as bespoke and unique products that we can design alongside your specifications, can deal with exposure to pressure or extreme heat.

We can also ensure that products can be slit and cut to size, with items like foam tape being precisely shaped for a perfect fit inside components and within unusually shaped areas.

Protecting surfaces, avoiding rattles and squeaks, joining materials and creating seals - die cut or cut to the size and shape required

With a team who can take a clients' specification through to completion, we offer one of the most outstanding services when it comes to bonding and adhesive tapes.

We have a unique ability to help with a design and reach fine solutions to meet every application that our clients put in front of us.

Whatever process you intend to conduct, our adhesives can measure up to the most demanding process, be that vibration damping, weather protection, insulation or temporary bonding or masking.

Our team invite you to call us today to discuss the needs of your next project. Our costs are surprising, as our extensive stock levels and we will happily visit you at your premises to discuss bespoke manufacture.

We are waiting to take your call and to match the perfect solution to a complex application. Challenge us now for ideal solutions offered from our own premises and promptly delivered to the rest of the UK.

Acrylic Bonding