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CD Labels, A4 Labels and Gloss Labels from Adhesive Label Suppliers - Shop 4 Labels

About Shop 4 Labels

We are one of the largest adhesive label suppliers in the UK. From CD labels, A4 labels, fluorescent labels, gloss labels, paper labels, circular, glossy, clear and even gold and silver labels…if it's sticky, can be peeled off or permanent and you want it, we got it!

Shop4Labels is a well-established label stockists around and our website makes the job of buying them so easy, you'll wonder why you didn't always purchase your adhesive labels this way.

Another benefit of the site is that we cater for all sizes of orders - whether small one-offs or rolls of a thousand labels or more. And the more labels you buy, the less money you pay. Check us out for yourself on our web site.

Gloss Labels Avery Address Labels

Our Label Products

They range from your basic plain paper adhesive label to address labels, CD labels and weatherproof polyester. Our labels can be sent to you blank and ready to print on in biro, felt pen or with an ink jet or laser printer. They also come in a variety of different colours (we'll even help you match the exact shade you're looking for) and shapes.

There are also hundreds of different label sizes from small 8mm to full-size unable-to-miss A4. To sort out the selection for you, we've categorized our labels into five easy-to-view sections - Avery Style, CD/DVD, Circular, Square and PCL.

To get a more specific insight into what we stock though we'd encourage you to browse through the site.

Fluorescent Labels

You can do this by clicking on links under specific product ranges. For instance:

CD/DVD labels - in order to make your search easier you can choose your CD label format from the drop-down menu. Then, when you've done this, head over to a range of face material, colour and adhesives

Avery Style Labels - all the typical Avery labels you'd expect to see are listed here together with codes sure to meet the requirement of any inkjet printer

Paper Labels - choose permanent or low tack adhesive from the drop-down menu

Coloured Labels - we have a choice of ten colours to choose from but if you're looking for a particular pantone shade then let us know and we'll attempt to match (we usually can). Again, we offer a choice of either removable or low tack adhesive, whatever your requirements

Clear Inkjet or Laser Labels - these are both very easy to order

Oval Labels - extremely popular with our retail customers. They comes in a variety of colours and adhesive materials

Circular Labels - these labels are probably our biggest seller and tend to be sold in large quantities

Clear Round Labels - this is a great way to seal letters, brochures or gifts. The labels comes in both translucent or frosted styles and are available in five sizes ranging from 19mm to 50mm

Removable Labels - another label popular for gifts and comes in a variety of colours to make your present look that extra bit special

Square Labels - again, here we offer a choice of size, material, colour and adhesives

Weatherproof Labels - the material used to produce these labels is tough, waterproof polyester. Giving them a modern edge, the labels can be used with a laser printer. They're great for all outdoor situations, especially posting. The label can be wiped clear of moisture and easily cleaned to view

Gloss Inkjet/Laser Labels - just choose here between the size and quantities you require

PCL Labels - this popular label comes in a variety of shapes, colours, material and adhesive and can be branded to your own design and choice. Just tell us what you're looking for and we'll do our very best to match it

Gold/Silver Labels - these labels are pretty stunning to look at and great for special occasions such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays. Provides that extra sparkle to a gift

Fluorescent Labels - you're certainly not going to miss these in the dark! Choose from five different categories

Address Labels - we have a whole range of label materials and sizes available to suit any order

What You Do

All you need to do to buy from our extensive range of labels - whether high spec, plain paper, address, circular or CD labels - is just make your choice by clicking on the appropriate icon, then follow the extensive drop-down menu until you see what you're looking for (label sizes and shapes are clearly marked out in diagrams).

Clear Labels

Then it's just a case of heading over to our online shop and filling out the appropriate details and we'll send your order right off to you by post, regardless of whether you're just a few miles down the road from us or based at the other side of the world. There's an extra cost for post and packaging, of course, but that's just because we want to make 100 per cent sure you get your labels on time. And that will make us all happy.

Contact Us

We ship on-line or telephone orders throughout the UK and abroad but if you want to visit us to see our stocks for yourself and meet the team, we're based in Oldham at Foxtam House, Watts Street, Chadderton, Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL9 9LQ.

We're also happy to supply a quote if you'd like to contact us on the above numbers or via email us using the contact form above